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Monday, September 22, 2008

Characters Blogging

I'm still listening to workshops from National and one of the panelists talked about having one of her characters blog. We did this with the Crimson City series, and while it was weird at first, it eventually became "normal" to write the characters in voice and in first person. Some characters were easier for me to write than others and so they got the screen time even if they weren't major players in Through a Crimson Veil.

So after hearing this workshop and being reminding of the Crimson blog (it's still up and available for reading by the way at Crimson Blog), I thought why not do this with my Gineal series?

There are days where I have a hard time coming up with something to say that anyone would be interested in. I don't talk too much about the books I'm writing any more--partially because of worry over spoilers--and with the current Work In Progress (WIP) I have to be more circumspect than usual or it will ruin Edge of Night which comes out next July. Blogging in character could be a good alternative.

Then I started wondering who would blog? My options were extremely limited because most of them don't have the interest. Shona from Edge of Dawn was an option, but to stay on the timeline for readers, she'd be blogging before she had any idea magic existed. Not that interesting, I'm guessing for readers.

My next thought was having a blog by a character who's been in all three books. That leaves me with Nessia, the council leader, or Taber, a member of the Gineal council. Possible, but would either one of them blog? Probably not. Then I thought what if this was Nessia's private journal? That might work, but I'm never used her as a Point of View (POV) character in any of the stories.

I also thought Seth might make an interesting blogger, but it's not as if I can rely on him. Besides, Seth would be using the forum to further his own agenda. Still, he's someone to keep in mind.

Anyway, since no one really popped out at me, I guess I'll be blogging for a while longer.