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Monday, September 01, 2008

What a Holiday

I haven't watched the Weather Channel in probably four months, but I've had it on a lot this weekend, watching Hurricane Gustav. New Orleans is one of my favorite cities and I guess I feel I need to watch and see what's happening there. I'm not sure why since there's nothing I can do except watch the coverage, but that doesn't stop me.

I'm hoping the storm causes minimal damage and I'm heartened by the number of people who got out this time rather than trying to ride out the hurricane. I still remember the post-Katrina aftermath and I hope we never have to see anything like that again.

Now, before this post becomes gloomy--or should I say gloomier--let's talk about something else. My goal was to finish my synopsis this weekend. I've been working on this thing forever! It's my project for the day today. Yesterday I trashed everything I'd written so far and started over. I did do some cutting and pasting from the previous version because it wasn't all crap, but the new version makes a lot more sense as far as story flow goes.

The only thing is that I don't introduce my bad guys until page 7 of the synopsis, and since I'd like to come in at less than 20 pages this time, that might be a little late. On the other hand, my heroine doesn't realize they are the enemy until a little ways into the book. She thinks the demon is her biggest problem. I introduce him first, but he's not the main villain, more of a secondary one. So I'm debating if I'm handling things right.

I'm thinking I'll try to finish what I have--without trashing it again--and then see if it works.