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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Down Melody Lane

Before I get started, I wanted to let everyone know that I'll be a guest on Thursday, October 16th at the Midnight Moon Cafe blog. You can read my interview and enter to win a copy of In the Midnight Hour, book 1 in the Light Warriors series. I'll post again to remind y'all.

Now on with today's blog:

I guess music has been on my mind a lot lately. Probably because I'm listening to it so much more often now than usual. What can I say? Boring project at the Evil Day Job (EDJ) and I've hooked my iPod up to my car stereo, so I can listen on the commute. Anyway, on Sunday evening, I decided to go through my old music and buy the MP3 versions so I could have them on hand. It was a very enlightening endeavor.

Before I began, my expectation was that I would have a ton of music I'd need to buy. I was wrong. Part of it was because I already had the songs I really loved, but the biggest reason was how much my musical taste has changed. This was something I already kind of knew. There are songs/groups I hated when I was younger that I actually listen to now and enjoy, but I guess I was kind of stunned by how many songs I looked at and went, ewww! :-)

An even bigger surprise was how many songs I had no memory of ever hearing. Wow. These songs are from back when I could remember conversations verbatim six months after having them. I can still sing commercial jingles from my grade school days even though those ads haven't been on television in years. And I amazed my young cousin years ago when we were at a wedding and I could sing along with every single song the DJ played. :-) Despite all this, I'd look at a song and go, huh?

After sorting through everything, I ended up with a small selection to look for, maybe 10% of the total. I was able to find eight of the songs available on Amazon. I like buying music there because it's DRM free, and after I was unable to load songs I bought on my new iPod because they were locked to the wrong format, I have become an advocate of DRM-free files. :-)

There were songs, though, that I couldn't find and/or some of them were by pretty big artists. Smuggler's Blues by Glen Frey and Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon are the two that immediately come to mind. TBH, I was completely shocked that I didn't already own a CD with Smuggler's Blues on it--I have a ton of 80s compilations.

My next stop was iTunes. I discovered a week or so ago that some of their music is exclusive only to them. I found four more from my list there including the Carly Simon song and Lulu's To Sir, With Love, but that still left me with half my list unfilled. Why isn't Marrs' Pump Up the Volume out there? Why can't I find Glen Frey for heaven's sake? I would have thought that I'd be able to buy any song I wanted, after all, I did find the theme song from The Banana Splits Show. This was truly a WTH moment for me.

I ended up putting these songs away, unfound and unbought. I suppose after a while, I'll dig them out again and see if Amazon has them for sale at that time, but it was hugely disappointing not to be able to buy them and listen to them again.