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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Help! Please!

My agent is going to have a paranormal romance week on her blog in November and she asked me to write a guest post. I said I would, but I'm not coming up with any kind of topic. So let me throw it out to the world--what would you like to see a paranormal author blog about during paranormal week? Any and all suggestions would be most gratefully appreciated.

All week I've been debating whether or not to buy a Kindle. Every time I think I've firmly made the decision not to buy one (There's a $50 discount until Nov 1 thanks to Oprah), someone else gets one and starts talking about how great it is. The thing is that even with the discount it's still over $300 and that price tag just makes me balk. I want one, but I really don't need it.

My problem is I love gadgets. Not all gadgets, but if it's tied in to books or computers or both in some way, I have to fight myself. And with the Kindle the ease of research and the ease in which facts can be highlighted are two very tempting components. The best part is that say I need a book on a certain topic and it's on Kindle, instead of waiting days to get it, I could have it in a minute and do the research. How cool would that be? And I could load my manuscripts on there and do some minor editing while I was waiting for an oil change or something.

And darn it, I'm talking myself into it again! I thought I'd pretty much managed to corral the latest urge. If it weren't for the $50 off coupon expiring Nov 1 I could just say I'd pick it up in a couple of months, but because of that deal, I have to make a decision now.

So here I sit, waffling. If it weren't over $300 it wouldn't be such a huge deal, but it is and my Evil Day Job is up in the air since we were bought out this week. Argh! Want vs. need. Which wins?