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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Under Construction

I might have told this story before. When I was building my house, the cabinets came in way over the allowance and something had to go. It was the upper cabinets in my laundry room that I said goodbye to, and in all honesty, I didn't think I'd miss them. As it turned out, I was wrong. I needed that storage.

I started talking about getting the missing cabinets after I turned in Edge of Dawn, but didn't contact the guy who made them for the house until a few weeks ago. I wanted my new cabinets to match the existing ones exactly and I wanted them to look as if they'd been installed at the same time as the originals. It worked out on all accounts.

This is the before picture on the north side of the room.

This is the before picture on the south side over the laundry tub.

Now for the after pictures:

Over the washer/dryer

Over the laundry tub.

I think the cabinets make the room look finished in a way it didn't before. They do match the cabinets below the laundry tub and the counter exactly, a big plus. My last worry was that it would make the room feel smaller, but it really doesn't. Maybe because the 14" depth isn't too much for the space.

I'm all excited now to be filling those cabinets up and relieving the pressure on other cabinets in the house. Maybe I'll even be able to get the extra pillows off the floor of my bedroom and on a shelf!

The only thing that I'm a little unhappy about is the marks on my walls. I'm going to have to get the cleaner out and fix that, but not tonight. I'm still hoping to get to bed early, although it's already later than I'd hoped. Ah, well, what's another day doing head bobs at the Evil Day Job?