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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What If I'd Gone Into Journalism?

I'm watching the election coverage as I write this blog. Some of you might know that I graduated from the U of MN's School of Journalism. My major was advertising copywriting, but I started out on the broadcast journalism side. I never actually worked in the field, but every now and then my roots come out. Election night is one of those times.

Tonight, even though I know better, I will stay up far too late watching the coverage and the vote returns. I tell myself that there won't be any results until the next morning, but it doesn't seem to matter--I'm riveted.

I know it's the part of me that was attracted to journalism to begin with that's so hooked on watching. It doesn't matter if there's a major race or just a few local offices--I stay up and watch. Part of it, I admit, is critiquing the coverage the networks and local stations put out there. Part of it is the desire to know what the results are as they come in.

In my imagination, I can see myself as a reporter covering the election, watching every new update and analyzing it. How much fun would that be? It's nights like this where I wish I had pursued journalism. Of course, if I had, it's doubtful I would have had time to write fiction, so I guess everything happens for a reason. But every year on the first Tuesday in November, I sit and wonder what if. And I lose sleep I can't afford to give up. :-)