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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Monday, on my lunch hour at the necessary Evil Day Job, I took my notepad and started working out scene goals for the next chapter. These were kind of vague, I confess, but then I went through and listed all the things I had to have happen and which chapters I thought I was going to put them in.

This was reassuring because I do have enough story for the book, but it also started me worrying, too. This storyline requires a lot a confrontational/action scenes. Now I'm thinking, okay, how do I balance this book so they don't seem overwhelming? Am I going to get deeply enough into the emotional issues my characters are dealing with? And what about the romance? If all they're doing is going from fight to fight, where's the down time?

I'm still thinking, but my brain is sluggish because I'm getting something. Half the office is sick right now, so it's not surprising, but the timing is terrible! I've been popping vitamin C like crazy and going to bed early this week in an attempt to avoid the crud. I'm not feeling great, but I'm not full-blown sick either, and the longer I can hold it off, the more antibodies my immune system can build. :-) And I'm trying to figure out how some authors manage to write when they're sick. Any hints? Because I have to tell you that even with this limbo stage before the cold/flu hits, I'm still worthless.

Anyway, that's why I'm behind on comments and why I didn't blog last night--all I want to do is sleep. Right now, I have to get moving. It snowed--again--and it's going to be another ugly commute in to work this morning.