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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Working On the Night Shift

I was talking to one of the guys at work about my vampire short story and he started asking me questions about vampires. You know, like how do you kill a vampire, do they only drink human blood or can they drink animal blood? Things like this. For a moment, I was stymied. While there is a great deal of vampire lore out there, it's still my story to tell. I finally said to him, "my world, my rules." :-)

That's when he suggested that if a vampire could drink animal blood, he could get a job at the slaughterhouse and no one would be the wiser. His best idea IMO, though, was the vampire night shift of airplane mechanics. :-) I asked if they'd be able to wear their capes while they worked on the planes and he said, probably not. OSHA wouldn't allow it.

This got me thinking of the movie Love at First Bite and wondering if it was possible to do a comedy like that with the vampire airplane mechanic idea. Of course, I don't write funny so it's a what-if scenario rather than anything I'm actually going to attempt, but it still kept me entertained for a while.

And speaking of the vampire short story, I started it officially today. I've been getting narration for a couple of weeks now--usually in first person--but this week it finally switched to third person which means it's time to rock. This doesn't happen all the time--where I get the story in first person and then it switches--but it has happened a couple of times. It rattled me the first time because I'm not a fan of first person POV, but when the story switched to third person before I wrote it, I calmed down. Now I don't get shaken, I just wait for it to morph into a writable version.

Nearly done with my first read through on galleys. I should finish it tomorrow. I'm still hoping to squeeze in a second run, but might not have time.