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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Fail Day

Friday was my fail day. Nothing earthshaking happened, but just little things. Like my hair dryer not working. :-)

I'd dropped it Thursday night when I was cleaning, but I didn't think anything of it. Then Friday morning, I went to dry my hair and all I got was cold air. I flipped it to the hottest setting, but it never heated up. That's when I remembered that it had fallen off the counter the night before. I never did get my hair completely dry because the cold air didn't do a lot. It's January. It's Minnesota. Cold air to dry hair = Fail. Damp hair in -4 degree weather = Massive Fail.

Of course, this required the great search for a new hair dryer. I ended up ordering a professional model that was about 2.5 times the cost of the regular blow dryers. It's supposed to be more durable and it's supposed to dry hair faster and more quietly than the cheap dryers. I will report back on how I like it after I've had a chance to use it for a while.

My second fail of the day happened at the (necessary) Evil Day Job. I crossed the hall from my cube, returned, and as I glanced down, spotted a black sock lying on the floor. Yes, it was mine. :-( I hate it when socks disappear and I can't find them. It inevitably leads to something like this. Sock falling out of pants leg onto floor = Fail.

I was lucky, though, no one was around to see this happen. The last time this happened--no, once wasn't enough--one of my tech writers asked if the sock on the floor was mine. I said no--hey, I was wearing both of my socks, it couldn't be mine, right?--then looked down and sure enough, it was mine. Ever since that embarrassing incident, when a sock goes missing, I try to find it. Obviously, this one remained well hidden. :-)

A fail day on a Friday = Massive Fail.