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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In the Zone: Do Not Disturb

Today, I hit the zone. Every writer knows what I'm talking about. It's this place when you're writing and you don't want to stop--not for anything. Every interruption is a pain even things like eating, sleeping, and showering. (Don't worry. I'm showered, but I resented the time away from the book.)

I've been working hard all along--the book is due on March 1--but the zone is totally different. I can put in 10 hours and not be in the zone. I can also put 10 hours in when I'm in the zone and have it feel as if 2 minutes has gone by. I love the zone. It is totally the best place to be. :-)

So until I post the dancing Hobbes here, blogs will be short. Maybe non-existent, but I'll try to post something. And I'll be answering comments next week.

I should have realized I was slipping into the zone when I couldn't sleep last night as I fretted over one of my scenes. It was wrong. I knew it was wrong. But how to fix it? I woke up with the answer, and with about four hours of sleep, hit the computer. It's fixed. But I still didn't officially hit the zone until late this afternoon, early this evening. Shortly after I ordered the Amazon Kindle 2.

Yes, I caved. I ordered the Kindle. It was the thought of lugging 400 pages with me in hard copy that convinced me to take the plunge. I didn't order the extended warranty, but the price still makes me wince.