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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've Redecorated!

My newly redesigned website is live! I think it turned out great, so please come over and take a look around.

Confession time--it's been really tough for me to give up control of my site. I didn't think I'd have a problem, or at least not too much of one, but I am. Maybe because it's been 7 years of being completely my baby. As soon as I sold my first book, I signed up for HTML classes, learned CSS (another web program), and worked to pick up other skills as I went along. But I knew it was time to stand back. I'd exhausted my meager skills as a web person and I needed someone who was beyond what I was capable of creating. Time is also a factor--I just don't have enough of it any more to keep up with the site. This is where the real letting go is going to be tough--not doing my own updates any longer. Ouch! I'm sure once I get over the emotional issues of letting go, I'll be fine and the site is beautiful!

It's not completely done yet. I'm going to add an actual blog there. I'm still going to keep my Blogger and MySpace pages, too, but I'll be mirroring the posts rather than posting live. I'm excited about this because it was something I wanted to do from the start, but 4 years ago when I started blogging, I didn't know how to put it on my site and so I just went over to Blogspot because it was easier. I added MySpace when I joined, but having the blog on my site will give visitors one-stop shopping. :-)

The other news is that my Blogger page will be getting redone to match my cool new website! Yea! It's time for a new look there, too. No changes on MySpace, but I already have a cool look there.

So come on over to my newly redecorated home, take a look around, have a cocktail. :-) We'll consider this a cyberspace open house.