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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bags of Crap

Yesterday, I arrived home to discover my Bag of Crap had arrived! If y'all will recall, I blogged about managing to make it through during a Woot-off to get a BoC. It's kind of a grab bag thing where for $3 + $5 shipping, you get whatever sends you. I've heard people can get great things and I was eagerly anticipating its arrival. The box was fairly large and I eagerly grabbed the scissors and opened it. I shifted aside the packing material and pulled out the first item.

A talking Donald Rumsfeld doll. Oh. Okay, well, maybe I can find someone who wants it. Blog contest, anyone? A check on Amazon shows the at the Rummy doll is priced at $25.

Putting the doll aside, I delved back in the box. This time I came up with a two-pack of iPhone cases. Four of them. That means I know own 8 cases for the original iPhone (not the 3G version) and I don't own an iPhone of any generation. Okay, well, maybe I can find someone with the old iPhone who wants this. Blog contest, anyone? A check of the manufacturer's website shows that a two pack goes for $29.99, but they're on sale for $7.50. So that either adds up to $120 or $30 depending on which price used.

Quite frankly, at this point I'm feeling a little discouraged, but the box isn't empty yet. Next item out is a Lowepro digital camera case in green and black. I don't have a case for my camera so I was excited to get this. It looks like a nice case, too. Amazon sells them for $14.95.

One last item in the box. It doesn't look like much, but as I pull it out, I realize it's a digital picture frame. Wow! I'd been looking at them--although not seriously--and thinking it might be cool for some day. My some day had arrived. It's a 10" frame and it's possible to stream pictures to it from a computer because it's network ready. A check of Amazon shows this is priced at $349.99. Whoa! I was expecting something in the $100 range for a digital frame. That was pretty incredible.

I'd say this was a darn good outcome for a Bag of Crap. I wonder if I'll ever get through again during a Woot-off?

Is it too strange to say I'm most excited about the camera case? It probably is, but it's the truth and I really can use the case.