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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The River O'Shea

Before I get going on my blog, I have an interview up at Leah's Literary Lair. Stop on over and take a look if you have time. This includes a little sneak peek at my July book, Edge of Dawn.

There's been some thawing going on in Minnesota--believe it or not--and I have a river flowing through my backyard. I've christened it the River O'Shea. It originates in my neighbor's yard--I've dubbed it Lake Smith. (I don't know their name. ::blush::)

This is the first time I can remember seeing all this water standing like this and I've been in the house three years now. I think. Time flies and all that.

You can see my poor butterfly bush is in danger of being drowned!

You can't quite see the terminus because it's behind the trunk of the tree, but it's there. I also have my other neighbor's water flowing into the terminus which makes it Lake O'Shea, I guess.

Keep in mind that I am not complaining! I love watching the snow disappear. It's the sign that my misery is nearly at an end. I am so not a winter girl.