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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Save The Words

English is a fluid language (all living languages are) and as we gain new words, we lose old ones. Apparently, there are people whose job it is to decide which words will stay in the dictionary and which ones will get dumped. Oxford University Press is trying to save some of these out-of-fashion words.

If you visit Save the, you can find a word or two to adopt. How do you go about saving these neglected words? By using them! I'm guessing if you blog or Twitter or comment on other people's blogs, it's your chance to expose your adopted word to the masses.

It's hard to choose, though, with so many options. I'm leaning toward STARRIFY which means to decorate with stars. How can I let a great word like that go obsolete?

So the aliens are going to starrify their spaceships tonight and buzz the planet Earth. We'll all think it's a meteor shower, but it's really a clever disguise.

Maybe I should starrify the bedroom by putting some glow-in-the-dark stickers up on the ceiling. Or maybe not.

This can be fun! Let's go save some words!