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Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm So Behind!

I'm so behind right now, I'm not sure I'm ever going to get caught up!  The reason why there was no blog Thursday night?  I had a choice between writing a post and writing my story.  I chose to write my story.  And today instead of doing the million other things that I needed to get to, I wrote my story.  It feels good to put the writing first and everything else behind it.  Usually it's the other way around because I feel too guilty letting things sit, but I'm going to learn to give that up because my writing has to come first.

I'm sure you're all wondering what I decided on the time travel story, and believe it or not, I actually did make a decision this weekend.  It helped to talk with another writer and to listen to her comments and thoughts.  And the plot choice winner is....

Drum roll please.

Setting the time travel on Jarved Nine!

It was the one I was really more excited about writing, but I had logic issues.  After talking it out, I feel confident that I can overcome them and the other potential issues that time traveling to an alien planet will cause.

I have my heroine's name after a long stretch where I wondered if she'd ever show up.  She adjusted her last name today because I had that wrong.  The hero and I have reached peace on his real first name--he goes by a nickname.  I was trying to get him to use something else, but he disagreed.  He won.  And I think I have the set up for the story.

This, however, wasn't what I wrote today.  I'm still working on my Polynesian story.  That was the one calling to me, and while I tried to work on the time travel, I just couldn't find any traction.  This week sometime for sure, though.