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Thursday, April 09, 2009


I was asked to write another short story, this time for The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance. The only question I had was does the time travel (TT) have to be to the past? If the answer was yes, then I would have turned it down because I have no interest at all in writing anything historical. But the reply was that I could write a TT to the future. Now we're talking!

When the offer came, I was deep into Kel's story (Light Warriors #4) and had no ideas about what or who to write, but I knew who I was hoping would show up. Troll.

Troll is a member of Wyatt's team (Eternal Nights) and he's intrigued me from the beginning. He got tagged with "Troll" because he's drop-dead gorgeous and his family tree could be its own United Nations. He's multi-multi-multi-multi-racial. I'd be hard pressed to come up with an ethnicity that he doesn't have in his background. Maybe Inuit, but that would be about it. ;-)

The other interesting thing about him is that he's a player. One of the scenes I wrote for Flare's story (which is one of only three scenes that I got down) mentioned that Troll couldn't tap his girlfriend at the infirmary on Jarved Nine for information because she'd discovered his other girlfriend and was ready to go after him with a scalpel. He's also a damn fine Spec Ops soldier and someone the team relies on without question. That's the intriguing part--the dichotomy. How can he be so careless in his personal life, but so trusted in his career?

Of course, I won't be able to explore that to any great degree, not in a short story. I'll have less than 50 pages to work with and it just isn't enough, but Troll did arrive and he is giving me information, so it's his romance I'll be unfolding.

For the record, Troll's real name is Chris and the story is set in the future of the J9 world--after Flare, Digger, and the Z Man are married. Flare and Digger were mentioned in EN, but I don't think Z was named. Anyway, with the time span, it gives Troll time to grow up and be ready to settle down--and if I ever do go back and write the three stories I have for his other teammates, I'll have the gap to do it in. And maybe in the future, I can expand Troll's story to a full-length book and explore some of the facets of his personality that I find intriguing.

His heroine is still an enigma. I know she's the one who travels to the future, but beyond that? I have nothing. Very frustrating, but I'm wondering if it's because I'm mentally fragmented between two worlds? I'm also working on a proposal for a new paranormal world and trying to get information on that at the same time. Maybe I just need to focus on one and put all my energy into it until I have what I need.