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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Patti O'Shea News Day :-)

I have a number of things to talk about today. First up, IN TWILIGHT'S SHADOW is a finalist for Best Paranormal in the Beacon Awards! Yea! This is the eighth time it's been a finalist and that is so darn cool! I'm glad people have been enjoying this book.

Next, Edge of Dawn, which comes out on June 30th (Next Tuesday!!!) received a great review from Romance Junkies! To quote some of my favorite comments:
"[O'Shea] brings a whole new level to urban fantasy. The fast-paced, edgy feel had me glued to it almost non-stop. The build up and chemistry between Logan and Shona is so hot..."
Wow! That really made my day when I read this.

And my last bit of news. I posted a new blog entry on my Author page at Amazon. In it, I talk about where the idea for Edge of Dawn came from and little bit about the characters and the story. I have a bunch more blog posts to write for other places and I'll post links here when they're up so that anyone who's interested can find them.