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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's Up With Mom?

Has anyone else noticed all the ads on the internet that mention "mom?" They're everywhere and I don't get it. Some of the ads I've seen have been: "Obama wants Minnesota moms to go back to school." "Find out how a mom mixed two products and made a teeth whitener." There are more, too, but those are the two I've seen enough to have nearly memorized

First of all, let's forget about how spammy these ads are. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised to find these headlines in my spam folder if they'd been sent via email, but where does the mom thing come in? I have to tell you, if I'm putting something on my teeth to whiten them, that mom damn well better have a chemistry degree! Can you imagine putting something on that just eats away the surface enamel because some mom combined two products?

Then there's the Obama wants moms to go back to school. (The ad promises all kinds of government money to pay for college.) Why only moms? Why not dads? Why not people without children?

I don't understand when motherhood in this context became a selling point. Sure, Mom has always been featured prominiently in advertising. The products extolling "Doctor Mom" and such, but why wouldn't the advertisers go with something like, "Combine two common household products to whiten your teeth."

It just seems like a truly bizarre advertising strategy and to see so many internet ads use this approach at the same time makes me wonder what's going on. I've started talking back to the ads. Sad, but true. At least the ads aren't answering. Yet. ;-)