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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Workshop Info/Covers

Remember, I'm doing a workshop tomorrow, Friday July 17th, at Romance Divas called Torture For Writers: Putting the Screws to Recalcitrant Characters. In it, I'll cover ways to get to know your characters better, to go beneath the surface. I'll also talk about how writers can get in their characters' ways and a couple of ways to stop the left brain from blocking the right. I hope you'll stop by and ask questions! (You'll need to register.)

I received word that the art department is working on the cover for IN THE DARKEST NIGHT, my April 2010 book, so if y'all would like to offer positive vibes to the universe that I get a great cover, I'd surely appreciate it. I've so got my fingers crossed!

It sounds as if my cover is going to have a more action/adventure bent (And since I write action/adventure romance, that's perfect) and that both my hero and heroine are going to be there because I was asked if they use weapons in the book.

They use magic, not weapons, but I offered to add some cool looking knives to one of the fight scenes. I was thinking maybe my heroine transports them into their hands because they're elaborate, something more likely to be used in a different world, and if someone wasn't trained to use them correctly, possibly dangerous to the wielder. I can hear Kel thinking if he wasn't careful, he'd slice himself up. I can also hear him complaining that the weapons were much better for close, hand-to-hand combat than for the kind of fight they're waging. But then his heroine isn't trained, so she doesn't know better.

The hard part is waiting to see what the cover will look like and that won't be for another month to six weeks. Most authors actually have no say in the cover (in case you didn't know that). The closest we get is filling in the art facts form describing what our characters look like and what the book's about. Then we wait. And hope. And beseech the cover gods. ;-) It's tough being a control freak without control.