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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Adventures With Birds

Thursday afternoon I arrived home from work and was checking in online. Yes, that is the first thing I do on the days where I don't drink another cup of coffee. On days when I am having more coffee, the first thing I do is get a cup brewing and then go check in online. :-) Anyway, I'm in my office on the computer and I hear this thumping noise.

After a few minutes, it gets really annoying and I go to check out what it is. I thought it was coming from the front door, but there was nothing there. I check out all my windows--still nothing. It's not the refrigerator making noise and my next guess, that something is stuck in the center island, was quickly dismissed as well. I walk around the great room trying to pinpoint where the thumping is coming from. I decide it's on the roof, just off the center of the room.

It's lightly raining outside, but I go out onto the deck to check it out. I look up at the spot the sound is coming from and see a crow standing there. "Hey!" I yell at him.

The crow flies off the roof, dropping what he's holding in his beak. It rolls down the slope of the roof and stops just short of my gutter. It's a piece of wood, maybe two inches or so long, about an inch wide, and half an inch thick. The damn bird was standing on my roof, thumping a piece of wood against my roof. The even weirder thing is that this isn't the first time I've heard this thumping noise, it's only the first time I've figured out what was causing it.

Can someone tell me why the hell a crow was thumping wood against my roof? Does he harbor a secret wish to be a woodpecker? This was truly bizarre.