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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where Is That?

I wish I was better organized. I love organization. I hate clutter. I try to file things in a way that makes them easy to find again and I consistently fail. And not just with paper either. I have a hard time finding things on my laptop, too. I'm constantly doing searches and hoping that the keyword I picked is actually somewhere in the file.

I've tried to read books on organization--not many, just a few. Nothing has been implemented, though, because nothing I've read seems to fit my style. If that makes sense. It's like reading a book on writing and knowing something isn't going to work for you. Like 3x5 cards. I tried to use index cards, and to this day, I shudder in horror when I see them. I'm not a plotter and plotter tips aren't going to work for me. So how do I find an organization method that will work for me?

I suppose I could read more books, but I have so much else that I want to read more. Like fiction and research books for projects I'm writing. I can't afford to hire someone to come in and organize me, and even if I did, what if they organized me in a way I couldn't keep up?

So I'm left with an office and file drawers that are in shambles. I can't find anything. It's frustrating and it wastes time. How do you find an organization method that works without reading ninety different books first? Why didn't the organizational methods I read about work for me? Is it because I'm a pantser kind of person and these were plotter kinds of methods?

And don't even get me started on computer organization. I must have every free program (and some paid programs available) and I don't use any of them because my current method is easier for me. It's not efficient and I never get old files deleted, but I can usually find things for the Work In Progress. It's the older books where finding things becomes a problem and if the file isn't writing related at all, well, that's nearly impossible because the location options are nearly endless. How do other people stay organized?