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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Wasp Friends Are Back

That is wasp--as in the flying insect that stings--not an acronym.

I've blogged before about the damn wasps that keep piling grass across the tops of my windows. A little online searching turned up that they're known as "grass-carrying wasps" and that they're not that aggressive. Maybe, but they are annoying.

Usually they just show up at the beginning of summer to build their nests. They load the tops of my windows with grass, dead bugs, and wasp larvae and I open the windows, find the crap, and blow it out with either a hair dryer or my dad's leaf blower. This would go on for a few weeks and then they'd give up. The rest of the summer and fall would be wasp free.

Not this year. This year I've been fighting them off all summer. I thought I was finally safe since it's the end of September and a little late for nest building, but no. Tonight I opened my windows and found another collection of grass and dead bugs. Grrr.

The only guess I have is that we had an unusually cool summer this year and maybe the heat drives them away or kills them or something. I don't understand it. I also don't understand why my windows, but I'm tired of it. Searching has turned up no good way to get rid of them, but maybe I might have to devote more time to it. I am seriously tired of clearing out these nests.