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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

After "The End"

From the time I wrote my first published story, I've always gotten scenes that happen after the book is over. I wish that I'd written them down because what I've seen on the earlier books has faded now and I don't have a real good memory of what I was shown any longer. Why didn't I write a brief scene with what I saw?

Good question. Part of it was being tired from all the writing I'd already done and that these were scenes I would never include in the book. Part of it was I was certain I'd never forget. Except that I didn't factor in how many characters and scenes I would have after that particular book, including their after the book stuff and all the back stories on the characters. I know way, way more about each and every character than what goes in the books.

What has this churning for me right now is that the characters I'm working with at the moment are sharing nearly all scenes from after their story is over. Probably 90% worth. Another 9% is stuff from later in the story, which is totally not helping me with the beginning of their story. I'd be writing this down except that I'm busy trying to write the actual story. Maybe later. And this is no doubt where I'll run into trouble with this because while it's fresh in my mind, I'll think I can do it later and then it will be vague.

Maybe, though, I should make more of an effort because it would be a cool feature for my website for people who want more of characters they've enjoyed spending time with.

Unfortunately, with the older books, it's just too long gone now to be recreated. Here's what I do remember:

Ravyn's Flight: Ravyn and Damn have three boys. I'm afraid that's all that's left in my brain. Oh, and Stacey and Alex just have the one little girl.

The Power of Two: Cai's father likes Jake, but it takes her mother a lot longer to warm up to him. She remained suspicious of him for a while.

Through a Crimson Veil: Sorry, I don't remember any after the book stuff for Mika and Conor and this saddens me greatly.

Eternal Nights: A lot of this is tied in with Wyatt's team. There are stories for Flare, Gravedigger, and the Z Man that I haven't written. I hinted at some of this stuff in Troll's story, which I wrote for The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance. Troll is another member of Wyatt's team.

The Light Warriors Series: (In the Midnight Hour, In Twilight's Shadow, Edge of Dawn, and In the Darkest Night) These are grouped together because so much of the after the book interaction involves all four couples meeting and talking. You see, the Twilight Time prophecy is unfolding and the heroines of these books play pivotal roles. It's natural that they'd meet, discuss things, and get to know each other. Their men are there, too, of course, also with important roles.

I really like the peek in to see how my characters are doing after the end. But seriously, I need to start writing what I see down. Soon.