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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Hangover

Not the drinking kind. :-)

Four days off from the Evil Day Job (EDJ) meant too much time on the laptop for me. My eyes hurt, my neck and shoulders hurt, my back hurts, and even my butt hurts. I'm not excited to return to the EDJ, but on the other hand, at least there I can't spend all my time in one position.

I know, it's bad for me. I should be moving around more when I'm at home, but I start working on something and I don't want to move. Which is where the shoulders, neck, back, and butt come in. The eyes hurt because I don't blink enough while I'm on the computer. This is a problem at the EDJ, too, but there my job has me getting up to walk around and it doesn't seem to be as bad.

Thanksgiving ended up being nice. I didn't go out to any stores, but I did do a little shopping online. QVC was selling a pair of weather radios that were cranked for power as well as solar powered. Guess what my mom is getting for her birthday? LOL. My folks don't have a weather radio and if she wanted something different, she shouldn't have said "nothing." My mom is so hard to buy for.

I also picked up an iPod speaker system on an Amazon gold box special deal. This is for me because I've had no luck getting a system for my living room, and because the unit in my bedroom is plugged in behind my dresser, moving that isn't easy. Much simpler to move the iPod.

I'm also contemplating buying my laptop replacement now rather than in January. The plus side is that Best Buy has free shipping today and tomorrow (Monday). The down side is that I keep thinking, wow, what if something even better comes out in January? And something better always does come along in computers.