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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dancing Hobbes Time!

Yes, the dancing Hobbes means another project is complete and turned in! This is a short story for Nocturne Bites. I don't know the title or release date yet (my working title didn't stick), but as soon as I have that information, I'll post it.

I love finishing project and posting my animated .gif. It makes me feel so happy inside. :-)

This story is set in the same world as Blood Feud from The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2, but it totally stands alone. In Blood Feud you met Isobel who's a vampire and Seere who's a demon prince, and in a Romeo and Juliet kind of star-crossed lover thing, vampires and demons are enemies. Earlier, about 800 years earlier, they waged a war that lasted 300 years before peace was declared, but bad feelings remain. The Bites doesn't have any vampires (not this one, although I have an idea for another one that would), but the demons are back.

The whole idea came to me from a tweet I read on Twitter. It was the headline of a news story and said something along the lines of: Exorcist Found Guilty of Murder. Now I knew what that really meant, that the exorcist must have accidentally killed the human that was allegedly possessed and that he/she was tried for that in regular, real human court.

That's not where my mind went. :-)

And so my premise was born. What happens when a demon slayer is put on trial by demons and found guilty of murder?

I thought this was cool, but I couldn't see any chance of getting a full-length book out of this idea, not without adding a lot of other stuff. But I'd already written two short stories and had all kinds of fun with them and I thought, hmm, why not do this one as another short? So I put together a proposal with a 3 page synopsis and a chapter, and here we are today. And I know. Me? A 3 page synopsis? That's like totally amazing. Who knows if I'll ever be able to do that again. ;-)