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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Demon Kissed

It's official! My Nocturne Bites story now has a title and a release date! Look for Demon Kissed May 1st.

I've updated my website with the information, including a little blurb about the book that needs more work, but gives the gist of the story.
When a demon slayer discovers a price has been put on her head, there's only one person she can trust--an enigmatic fellow demon hunter named Andras.
This is the story that was sparked by a headline post on Twitter that said something along the lines of exorcist found guilty of murder. I knew what it really meant, but my imagination jumped to what if a demon slayer was put on trial for murder by the demons and what if she was found guilty? The story took off from there.

The heroine is Bree Molina. After her mother died (when she was a small child), Bree was raised to be a demon slayer by her mentor. She killed her first demon when she was 16 and never looked back. The story opens with her having a really bad night--all kinds of demons working together to hunt her.

I also added other updates to my website. If you go to the Fun Stuff page, you'll find a link for a downloadable bookmark for In the Darkest Night, my March 30th release from Tor. If you page down farther, I updated the song list for my books. I still need to find time to hop on iTunes and add the newest song, but the theme for Demon Kissed is Winds of Change by Kutless.

And speaking of bookmarks, if you want a real, glossy paper bookmark for any of my full-length books (The shorts and novellas do not have bookmarks), please send a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope to me at PO Box 1365/Minnetonka, MN 55345. Tell me which bookmarks you want and how many of each. The only two books that I'm really limited on are Ravyn's Flight and In Twilight's Shadow. You can still have a bookmark for those titles, but I'll only send one of each. :-)