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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kindle Take 3

I made an interesting discovery this week. I prefer reading on my Kindle now to paper books.

It's almost a year since I received my Kindle, and in that time, I've done the vast majority of my reading on it. Yes, there are frustrations as I blogged about in my updated review. I'm still working my way through a research book that is heavy on charts and tables and those are still all but unreadable in Kindle. But fiction, well that's another story.

How'd I discover this?

I'm judging the RITA this year and my books arrived last Wednesday. I brought the first book to work to read during lunch and it was, well, a pain to hold the book propped open when I'm used to simply holding the Kindle. The position of my hand aggravated my tendonitis. I also got spoiled being able to just press a button to turn a page. Not an option with the book which required a manual turn. :-)

It kind of struck me because I couldn't imagine not having keeper books on paper. In my first Kindle review, I think I said something like I'd rebuy books I loved in paperback, but now I wonder. If I'm liking reading on the K more than on paper, why would I bother buying anymore paper books?

On the other hand, when I left work last night and knew I had too much to do to read anymore at home, it was sure nice to leave the book in my cube. I'd never do that with my Kindle, so there are still disadvantages, but not as many as maybe I thought. And if I've acclimated to e-books, more and more people will, too. Which would be awesome except that not all my books are available in electronic formats and I wish they were. I have no control over this either, no matter how much I wish I did.

So judging the RITA was eye opening because of how my reading habits have changed in 11 months since I went to Kindle. Wow. Still amazed.