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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Making Room For More

I snuck in a reread of Eternal Nights this week. While I do reread my stories when they first come out (or when I get ARCs), it's rare for me to reread an older book unless I need a specific bit of information from it. I had to scan through both EN and Ravyn's Flight real quickly before writing The Troll Bridge for The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance because I wasn't 100% sure of a couple of things, but it sure wasn't a reread. I was looking for specific facts I needed to verify.

This week, though, I read almost everything. Probably because it has been such a long time since I last picked up this book. And as a thank you for this, Cam showed up and started talking. (Cam is Ravyn and Damon's son. In EN, he's around 2 years old, but when he arrived, he was all grown up.)

It isn't a good time for another character to talk--my head is actually jam-packed right now as is the schedule I have in my head--but that didn't stop him. He's grown up now and in Special Forces like his father was.

This isn't the first time Cam's talked. He's shown up a few other times and I always kind of had in the back of my mind that after I wrote the stories for Wyatt's team, I'd do Cam's story. Heaven knows my mom has been pushing me to write Cam. When I started EN, her first question was if the hero was Cam and she asked again when I told her about my time travel story (that hero is Troll Maglaya). I guess telling her I had an idea for Cam way back when was a mistake.

Anyway, Cam's back. On Thursday morning, I had a nice scene in my head of a conversation between him and Damon. I'm really tempted to write it out real quick--it's not a long scene--and post it on my website as an extra. The problem with that is that I'm on deadline for January 15th, and I don't know if I can afford to fragment my attention like that. It's hard for me to bounce around, and once I'm deep into a story, I like to stay there.

And on top of that, I have a few proposals I'd really like to work on after I finish my Nocturne Bites and turn it in. This is where my jam-packed head comes into play. I have so many characters from so many stories right now that it's like standing room only. :-) They're not all talking at the same time, but it doesn't take much to get them started. All I really need to do is think about them, and boom! They pipe up. Of course, if I wanted to write them, they wouldn't be this helpful. They only do this to frustrate me, which is why I'm a proponent of torturing characters.