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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sharing the Giddiness

I wasn't a good athlete when I was growing up. I was one of the last picked for every team in grade school and things never got any better. Now I think kids can letter for excellent grades or community service, but when I was in school only athletes got letter jackets and trophies.

Spending every quarter on the honor roll, being a member of the National Honor Society, or editor of the yearbook didn't get me anything to show off. Maybe this is why I get so excited now when I do win something that gives me a plaque or some other kind of award. It's a big deal for me because I had none of these things as a teenager. Sure, the NHS gave a cool pin, but hey, it's not the same. Really.

So I hope y'all will indulge me while I share a picture of the Midwest Fiction Writer of the Year Award. Yes, I did take time away from writing to position it at the right time of day to make sure the lettering showed up. Right now, the award is on top of my entertainment center and I can see it every time I look up for the laptop. I know, I'm a geek, but this is a big deal for me. :-)