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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My First Starred PW Review

I'm sitting here, stunned and excited. In the Darkest Night was reviewed by Publishers Weekly. Favorably. Not just favorably, it earned a starred review.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, PW only reviews four mass market fiction books a week. There are separate sections for Mystery and for SF/Fantasy, but romance has to compete with all other fiction for those those four slots. Just getting reviewed at all is something big. Getting a great review is even more awesome and only the books that stood out get a star in front of their review.

This is only my second PW review. It's my first to earn a star. To say I'm excited would be understating it.

No, most readers won't see it, although Books a Million and some of the other online retailers have an arrangement with PW to load their reviews onto their websites for those books. But it's still hugely, enormously exciting. :-)

I'm so happy that In the Darkest Night garnered such a great review. I love all my books, but this one was just a little extra special to me and Kel grabbed me hard.

To give a brief snipped of the review, Publishers Weekly called the book: "a riveting thrill ride" and used the word "enthralled."

Happy dog dancing here. Big time!

You can check out the entire review on the PW website. Also, you can find out more about IN THE DARKEST NIGHT on my website, read an excerpt, and find links to preorder if you're interested.