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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Assignments, Open - From the Files of the Gineal Council

Name: Farran Monroe

Age: 25

Identifying Information: Tàireil; Weak magical powers (per troubleshooters who encountered her).

Appearance: Height - estimated at 5' 6"; hair color - chestnut; eyes - blue; possible facial scar (If power is as weak as suspected).

Last Known Location: Seattle, WA

Last Seen by the Gineal: June 2009

Notes: Monroe actively worked to steal the dracontias from the Gineal dragon mage. Supposition is that she was coerced by her family, all of whom were deemed to be strong magically. Further evidence suggests that Monroe took action on more than one occasion to protect our dragon mage, Shona Blackwood.

Incident One - Our Seattle-based troubleshooter suggested that Monroe hired a human to steal the stone because she could control him and prevent him from hurting Shona. He speculated that it prevented Monroe's stronger family from becoming directly involved. Opinion of the council: Possible, but reasoning is convoluted.

Incident Two - Farran Monroe revealed herself to our Seattle troubleshooter to warn him that her family was set to attack. Her action allowed the troubleshooter to prepare himself and shield our dragon mage before the assault occurred. Opinion of the council: Accurate based on two witnesses.

Incident Three - During the battle between our dragon mage, three of our troubleshooters, and the Tàireil conspirators, Farran Monroe put herself between her family and Shona Blackwood, taking the shots meant for our mage. This action left her injured and she would have died if one of our troubleshooters hadn't healed her. Opinion of the council: Accurate based on four witnesses.

After interviewing all involved in the dragon stone incident and having retrocognitive monitors replay events during this time, the council has determined that Monroe is unlikely to be dangerous. Before final determination can be made, it will be necessary to talk to the Tàireil woman in person. To that end, monitors have been told to watch for her energy signature and trackers have been assigned at various intervals to search Seattle for her. She has yet to be located.

The search will continue.

* * *

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