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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From the Files of the Gineal Council - Personnel

Name: Kellan Andrews

Age: 29

Occupation: Troubleshooter

Status: Suspended - 29 September 2009

Notes from the Healing Temple:

05 February 2009

The patient's injuries are severe. Signs indicate he was tortured repeatedly and at length for weeks. Damage to nearly all internal organs, including heart, lungs, kidneys, spleen, and liver. Possible brain trauma. A team of healers has been assigned to work in shifts, ensuring that energy reaches him twenty-four hours a day. Prognosis: Uncertain. Injuries are severe enough that survival is at 25%. Family is present and has been notified of recovery chances.

09 February 2009

Patient remains unconscious. Injuries are healed, but healers remain on duty to assist his body in restoring itself. Prognosis continues to be uncertain. Chances of recovery have improved to 50%.

13 February 2009

No change.

18 February 2009

Patient is awake and aware. No signs of permanent brain damage, but since regaining consciousness, he's suffered nightmares and has had flashbacks. Prognosis for physical recovery: 100%. Prognosis for emotional recovery: Uncertain. Recommendation for treatment: Immediate and extensive long-term counseling.

Additional Note to Council: While psychological healing has not been a discipline the temple has offered in the past, this element has been reconsidered and there is a healer who has completed a human education in counseling. She's had success with a variety of members of the Gineal and it's my estimation that the patient would benefit greatly by speaking with her. As of this moment, he has refused. He's also threatened to leave the healing temple. If he chooses not to cooperate, there is nothing else we can do for him.

Reply to the Healing Temple from Gineal Council - 19 February 2009

We understand your concerns. It is our opinion that unless Kellan Andrews willingly agrees to counseling, there is no benefit to ordering him there. We will present the option to him again, but if he continues to resist, we will let it be. Send an update when he's cleared to resume troubleshooter duties.

* * *

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