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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Demon Kissed Cover!

Demon Kissed comes out from Nocturne Bites in May and I received my cover yesterday. I'm posting a bigger version here than I have on my website.

For those who don't know, Nocturne Bites are short stories that are released in electronic format. I discovered when I wrote my two shorts for Mammoth Books, that I had a lot of fun with the length and wanted to do more. About the same time, I read a news headline that someone posted on Twitter and I thought it was a great story idea.

The headline? Something about an exorcist being convicted of murder. I knew what the headline really meant, of course, but my imagination went off. What if the demons tried and convicted a demon slayer of murder? And so Bree and Andras showed up and needed a story. :-) There wasn't enough to the storyline to make a full-length book, not without doing a lot of work to beef it up, but it was perfect for a short.

Anyway, Bree has been convicted of murder by the demons. She's been sentenced to death, has an executioner assigned to kill her, and a bounty put on her head. She doesn't know this, though, or why there are so many demons after her. Andras shows up to help her and he fills her in.

I have an excerpt up if you'd like to read a little bit of the story.