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Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Voices, They're Multiplying!

I've always had a lot of ideas rolling in--except when I was dealing with burnout--but in the past, most of the ideas were unusable for a full story. They were fine for daydreaming, but I knew they couldn't stand beneath the weight of writing them. Right now, though, the ideas are rolling in fast and furious and they are all strong enough to be stories.

Not just one book stories either. Series of books. A couple are three, one is four, and another five. And still ideas keep coming.

It's very loud and crowded in my head right now. I didn't realize just how bad it was until this weekend when I went looking for pictures of one of my more recent couples. (Notice I didn't say the most recent. That's because another idea rolled right in after this one.) The hero, BTW, was a total PITA. Every picture was wrong. The guy was too old, too soft looking, his hair was too long, too short, too light, too dark, too curly, etc. To the point where I was ready to scream.

In comparison, the heroine was simple. She found herself fairly quickly. I've decided to torture him worse than her because of this.

Anyway, as I posted the new couple up on the website, I counted how many pairs of h/h I have. Thirteen. That's 26 people. That's not counting my latest couple.

I have no name for her at all. My characters, for newcomers to the blog, tell me their names. I never get to pick, not like some authors do. I used to complain about this, but I've decided I love it even if I'm not crazy about some of the names I get stuck with. If you've read my story in The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance you'll see that Flare is married to Sasha. Sasha. Sigh. I never thought I'd have a character with that name, but there you go.

Anyway, I digressed. Heroine in latest, newest of the new shiny ideas has shared no name with me yet. Her hero has given me part of his name. I don't know if it's first name, his last name, or a nickname. That hasn't been passed along to me yet. Until I have their full names, I can't go looking for pictures.

So 14 couples in my head. Plus the fact that Kel and Farran from In the Darkest Night have been hanging around. And Logan and Shona, and Creed and Maia, and Ryne and Deke, not to mention assorted other characters from my Light Warrior series. My head is hurting just trying of figure out how many people are yapping at me right now.