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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother Nature's Surprise

Last year, I planted peonies. I'd had a tree peony before this, but no regular herbaceous peonies. They're beautiful flowers and my mom has gorgeous plants which have left me spoiled. We tried to split hers, but my dad and I both chickened out because we didn't know what we were doing. Instead, I went to a garden center and bought some. This year, I'm going to have some flowers.

This is the first one to bloom. It's a bit redder than it appears in the picture, but the flowers are absolutely gorgeous.

The whole plant

Fully open

Close up of that flower

A side shot of a different flower on the plant

Still opening

The flowers turned out even more beautiful than I was expecting. And you know what else is cool? How quickly they opened. I spent time in the yard yesterday, and while the blooms were big, they seemed days away from opening. Then I looked today and I was going OMG!

And this wasn't the only surprise I had. My tree peony had a bloom open, too, and again, I thought it wouldn't open for days more.

Tree peony

I can't wait until the other peonies bloom, although they seem a bit farther off. There are also a few peonies that won't have flowers at all this year. Maybe next, though. I can hope, right?