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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Proposal In Progress

Sunday in the late afternoon, I finally finished the rough draft of my proposal chapters for the latest Work In Progress(WIP). I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever reach this point, especially after my heroine was determined to hide her personality from me. I wrote and rewrote her first scene again and again trying to find her.

The work isn't done yet, though. I have to revise and polish this opening and get the three chapters all bright and shiny. I have to write a synopsis where I lay out what will happen in the story. Yeah, I have no clue what happens, but I do know the final relationship scene between Liza and Jack and how that all works out. Too bad the end of the plot isn't half as clear. :-/ Okay, let's be honest here--I have no clue how the plot part of the story ends.

Flying into the mist or writing by the seat of your pants is always an adventure. I will confess to being more toward the center of the plotter-pantser continuum than I was when I started out, but I'm still not a big picture plotter and that's unlikely to change.

That said, the miraculous thing is how close I've stayed to the majority of my synopses. Things have changed, sometimes a lot from the synopsis I turn in to the finished book, but it's a nice little framework to use. Once I have one.

Yeah, that is the challenge. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting this thing fixed up until it looks pretty, getting some answers to my research questions, and mailing it off to my agent. So that I can work on something else.

Writers. We're always eager to pursue the next new shiny story idea that comes along. :-)