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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Adventures With Mother Nature

Friday night storms rolled through. It's been raining a lot in Minneapolis--thirteen of the first fifteen days in June had rain and it just hasn't stopped--but we haven't had much severe weather. Until Friday.

It wasn't only one storm either, but three of them converging on the Twin Cities one after another. One of the storms had tornadoes associated with it and it and another one had a history of dropping good-sized hail, some as big a tennis ball. I was not looking forward to having to take shelter in the basement, but I was ready to grab my laptop and go if the need arose.

Storm one wasn't that bad. Storm two, well, that was another story. It brought high winds that drove the rain sideways. Water started dripping from the wood molding around my patio doors and I had to grab a bowl to catch it. I've been in my house four years and I've never had rain come in the woodwork before.

Power flickered off and on. Off and on, but it came back up. Whew! I hate it when the power goes out. And still the storm raged on, seeming to last forever.

Finally, it moved on. And as it eased up, the power did go out.

Sigh. I've said this before, I'll say it again, if it was up to me to be a pioneer, America would still be thirteen colonies. I like creature comforts and electricity tops the list.

For a while, I worked on the laptop, but after about an hour, I had to shut down. No television, no computer, no way to read because it was dark outside with the storm and I had no lights. So after an hour, I went to bed. Yep, Friday night, I was in bed by 8:30. There was nothing to do except sleep. :-)

Power came back on at 1am and I had to get up and turn off all the lights that I'd left on. I should have thought of that before I went to bed, but didn't.

Saturday night, Mother Nature came back for an encore performance. This time, however, I was lucky and the bad stuff went north and south of Minneapolis. The power stayed on. :-)