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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Here We Go Again

First, the big news! EDGE OF DAWN won the Beacon Award for Best Paranormal!!! I just read the email a few minutes ago and I'm still grinning!

* * *

So late this afternoon, after I'd finished the chapter I was working on and getting ready to head to my parents' house for Sunday dinner, I hear a voice in my head say, "F***, man." Now if a normal person heard this, they'd believe they thought it. I am not normal, I'm a writer. I knew what it meant.

"Who are you?" I asked. No reply. "Are you someone new or someone I know about already?"

"You know me."

A little questioning revealed it was Mick, the hero from the second book in one of the proposals that's out on submission right now. My next task is to figure out why he's decided to pipe up after all this time that he's been quiet. It took more questioning to learn there's a new character around.

I know. I said I wasn't normal. I might not be normal even for a writer. :-)

Once Mick gave his presence away, the new guy was happy to say, hey, I'm here. This isn't a completely new character. He showed up for the first time around two years ago, but he had no heroine and no story, so after a few days he kind of faded away and I forgot all about him. Until last week. For some reason, his name popped into my head midweek, but I kind shrugged it off and forgot about. I know why his name came to mind now, don't I?

I still have no heroine for him, but I know which idea he belongs to and that's half the battle. And of course, I'm on deadline for a short story due the end of August which means I have to limit when the new guy can bother me. Interference in the Work In Progress is not an option.

So here we go again. Another voice when I already have too many in my head.