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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Light Warriors Over Arc

One of the questions I get fairly frequently is about my Light Warriors series. People want to know if there's more tying the books together than the fact that at least one of the characters is a Gineal troubleshooter. The answer to that is yes.

If you've read the four Light Warrior books, (In the Midnight Hour, In Twilight's Shadow, Edge of Dawn, and In the Darkest Night) then you know there's something just a little different about each of the heroines.

It isn't mentioned in Ryne's book (In the Midnight Hour) because she's unaware that's she's different, but in the second book, Creed reveals it--Ryne is the most powerful troubleshooter ever tested.

So Ryne is the strongest, the warrior, the leader.

Maia, the heroine in Twilight's Shadow, has demon powers, just a kernel of them. They all believe she can only use them against Seth, but that's not true.

Shona (Edge of Dawn) is the dragon mage.

Farran (Darkest Night) has the powers of both the darksiders and the shadow walkers.

Tris (who was introduced in EOD and had a big secondary role in Darkest Night) can do things with raw energy that is rare and special.

If the series was continuing, there would have been more heroines with unique talents. All of this is part of the Twilight Times prophecy that Creed mentions in his book. In fact, one of the post book scenes I've gotten is Creed calling together the people he knows are part of the prophecy (all of them haven't been discovered yet when he does this). There's naturally some skepticism, but he starts explaining, laying things out, and it makes sense. Still, no one wants to think the end times are really upon them.