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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Brave New World

Y'all know I wrote two short stories for Mammoth Books. I only contracted for non-exclusive print rights and have my electronic rights. I've decided to take the leap and self-publish the E version myself.

I'm having covers created as we speak. I'm writing the "back cover" copy that describes the book right now, too. This is forcing me to flex writing muscles that have mostly been unused since my college days when I was an advertising copywriting major. When I have these two things finished, I'll have to work on getting the stories formatted correctly for upload. This is the part I'm concerned about.

My plan is to start with Kindle and then figure out what to do with the other formats. If other authors have done it, I can, too. Especially since I'm more tech savvy than most writers are. (Don't even get me started on "I want an XP computer because Windows 7 is too different.")

I know that I want to clearly label these stories as being short so that no one is surprised when they read one. I also want to label them as being previously published in Mammoth Book collections so no one gets a repeat when they expected something new. As a reader, I sure would want to know these things ahead of time.

I'm excited about getting these stories out there on their own. I know there are people who want The Troll Bridge (it's a Jarved Nine tale), but who don't want to buy the entire Mammoth Book collection to get it. Also, I want to get Blood Feud out on it's own because it's the first story set in the same world in which my Nocturne Bites take place.

When the covers are finished, I'll share them here, of course. I'll also post when the stories are available. If this goes awesome, I might try to slip a few more Jarved Nine short stories into my schedule. I'd love to do Flare, Gravedigger, and Z-Man's stories. What would be most fun about it? They happen before Troll's story so I'd get to see his character when he was younger than in Troll Bridge.