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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting To Know Her

I really like this heroine I'm working with now. Earlier, when I was getting information flowing in, most of it came to the hero and she only shared a very little bit with me. Him I knew really, really well, but her? Not so much.

But now that I'm writing the story and it opens with my heroine, I'm getting to know her better. And I like her. A lot. Maybe because she knows the hero so well and is willing to live with his quirks, for lack of a better word. She understands him, takes him in stride, and is able to trust without doubt creeping in. And it takes an incredibly strong, self-assured person to do this.

The thing that makes this so interesting is that she flies under the radar with her confidence. She doesn't need to wave it around, it's just there all the time. It makes me wonder, though, how this is going to come across, especially when she's going to end up in a situation where every avenue is closed to her and she'll need help. Yes, I'm mean that way, but you know, it'll all work out in the end. She'll thank me later. ;-) But I plan to take away all her solutions and make them unworkable. ::Insert evil laughter here::

So given the situation I'm putting her in and the fact that I'm making sure she can't get out of it alone, I worry that her self-assuredness won't register. I actually like that she doesn't need to put it on display because--to me--it means that's bone deep. But...


What got me thinking about this was talking to a friend the other night about our heroes. Both of them are idiots (in different ways) in need of a smack to wake them up. She said she was going to let her heroine do that and I said that mine wouldn't give the hero the smack he needed, so it was up to me. And my heroine wouldn't because she understands her hero so completely and deeply that she can accept him as is.

This interests me, too, but with both of them happy with things as they are, it's up to me to rock both their worlds. I'm looking forward to this.