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Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Covers!

I mentioned earlier that I was going to get the two short stories I wrote for the Mammoth Books collections out in ebook format. I have the electronic rights to those stories, so I decided to get covers made and take the plunge. Well, my covers turned out utterly awesome and I have to share here even though I haven't finished writing the book description blurbs yet or even started formatting.

First up is the cover for The Troll Bridge. This is a time travel where the heroine, Lia Stanton, goes from 2010 to 2050 and meets up with Troll Maglaya, a Special Ops soldier stationed on the planet Jarved Nine. He's the one assigned to guard Lia.

The Troll bridge cover

The second cover is for Blood Feud. This story is about a vampire heroine, Isobel, and her former lover, demon prince Seere. Unfortunately, for Isobel and Seere, their romance was doomed 200 years earlier because demons and vampire are enemies. But when a demon starts killing vampires, the two sides have to work to find the killer before war erupts. Again. Isobel and Seere are assigned by their respective leaders to work together and get the murderer.

Blood Feud cover

Totally awesome, yes? Now I have to get moving on writing the book descriptions and formatting so I can get this up on Amazon and other places.