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Sunday, September 05, 2010


Today, I decided to organize some of my notes for my Vampire/Demon world. (The one I've written about in Blood Feud and Demon Kissed.) I used OneNote, and while I know the basics, anything beyond that is new territory for me. We don't use this program at work and I haven't had time to mess around with it at home. But I just finished up my latest short story on Aug 30th, so today I decided to just do it.

After some fits and starts, I started to figure things out. I transferred all my files into the program, but there was one tab that was woefully blank. You see, I have this other h/h in this world and I know their names and their roles, but I have no pictures of them. You know what that meant, right?

Time to find character pictures!

I looked through my files first, but of course, no one panned out. Off to the internet I went. It took a while, but I found my heroine. And she looked about how I expected her to look. No surprises here.

I had this image of her hero in my head. I pictured him very dark and at least somewhat grizzled. That isn't what I got.

The funny thing is that I found him by accident. Since I was already on the heroine's modeling agency website (or rather the model that looks like my heroine), I decided to check out the men there. And boom, there was the hero. It was that easy.

He also isn't as dark as I expected--his hair is brown instead of black. And grizzled? Not so much. He looks young. Not baby-face young, but younger than I thought he would. Of course, he is a vampire, so looks are deceiving, but wow.

I sat on that web page for some time trying to come to terms with his appearance. Just like I have no control over their names (seriously, the character won't work with me if I try to buck their demands) I also have no control over what they look like. Usually, my frustration comes when I have to spend hour after hour, even day after day, seeking out the right picture. This time it was relatively painless, but I still have to look at the model and wrap my mind around it.

So much for looking dangerous--even if he is. But it does make sense in a way. In Shadow's Caress, my next Nocturne Bites set in this world, Malachi (the hero) has this thought about how he wouldn't ask this particular friend to watch out over Cass (Malachi's heroine) because he has a way with human women. And this guy I found? Yeah, he'd definitely be doing well with women. :-)

Surprises are good, right? And once I wrap my mind around this guy being the hero, he'll take over the part. It's just getting used to him.