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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kiss of Death

I've been watching the baseball playoffs, but not enjoying it as much as I could because all the teams I'm rooting for have been losing. The Twins? My number one team? Out in three games straight. It's doubly painful because it's the hated Yankees, a team that buys its championships instead of building from within and finding their own players. But this is another topic.

So Twins are out.

In the other American League series, I'm rooting for Tampa Bay. My support had them losing the first two games, but fortunately, they've overcome my blight and have tied the series at 2-2. I'd like to see them make it back to the World Series and win this time. They're a team that was built the right way--by developing their own players in the minor league system. I just hope whoever wins this series can take down the Hated Yankees. I seriously don't want to see those aging mercenaries make the World Series again--but that's another post. :-)

Things aren't going any better for me on the National League side. I'm watching the Phillies/Reds as I type. If the Phillies win one more game, the Reds are done. Score is 2-0 Philadelphia right now. It's a shame because the Reds haven't been in the post season in about 15 years or something like that. I'd like to see teams that haven't gotten there in a long time make it.

The Braves are my number 3 team. I have four teams I root for: Twins, Cubs, Braves, Dodgers. They lost the first game to San Francisco, but won the second. Maybe my jinx was over with. Maybe. Or maybe not. While I wasn't watching, the Braves went ahead in today's game 2-1. As soon as I put on the TV, the Giants rallied and won 3-2. (You're welcome, Carolyn.)

I feel like I should offer apologies to the fans of all the teams I'm rooting for. Apparently my support alone is enough to cause defeat.