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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Got It

Last week, I think, I talked about not having a growth arc for my hero in the Work In Progress (WIP). Through some glints and glimmers, I finally learned what his issue is. It's one of those really fun ones (I say that with complete sarcasm) because it's something that stems from his childhood and it isn't completely logical. He should get over it, he should be able to see the illogic--he should, but he hasn't and he doesn't.

I still had one problem, though, even with the information. I didn't know how the story situation was going to force him to face it. From my view, it looked as if nothing would trigger the need to do something about it.

My position is that people don't like change and won't embrace the opportunity when it comes. BTW, this theory was proven out again when a writers' loop I'm on went into melt down over the prospect of a change. Never mind that nothing had changed yet. Never mind that none of them had tried what was being proposed. It was an immediate and strident No from many. So yeah, if people don't like change even about small things, can you imagine the big stuff? To make a character face deep-seated issues requires dynamite and I didn't think I had a match.

Then on Sunday morning, I woke up, but didn't want to be awake. As I laid there, trying to grab a little more sleep, I had an epiphany and it was perfect. I have the ignition source! ::insert evil author laughter here::

This story has an odd structure to it, so it'll be a while before I need to have him address his issue, but it's always nice to know up front. It will allow me to foreshadow without having to go back and it'll allow me to write the synopsis a little easier because editors like to know how the character is going to change over the book.

Anyway, I'm excited! I love it when a plan comes together. ;-)