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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Phone Calls and Edge of Dawn

Edge of Dawn won the Aspen Gold Award for Best Paranormal!

I found out yesterday even though I got the call on Saturday because I didn't bother to play messages right away. In my defense, I've been getting a lot of telemarketing calls lately and those robo-callers ramble as soon as the phone is answered. Even if it's answered by voice mail.

And I had a phone call from my dad, too, on Saturday and I figured the message was from him. My parents have a really bad habit of leaving messages even thought I've told them time and again not to. I always see them before I do a play back. It doesn't stop them and I've learned to just ignore it until I have time to delete it out.

If you've guessed that I hate the phone with the fire of a thousand suns, you'd be exactly right. :-) I'd rather do email or IM or anything else rather than use a phone. Part of it is that I always end up sounding like an idiot and don't know how to gracefully end a phone conversation. Part of it is for a year while I was in high school, I had a job that kept me on the phone. I was probably the only 16-year-old girl who cringed when a call came in and it was for me.

Yesterday afternoon, I finally decided to clear messages. Imagine my surprise when I had two messages, not just one. This was one time, though, where I was elated that the indicator was blinking!

The best part? I'm going to get a plaque! Hardware--woot!!!