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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shadow's Caress Coming In Feb!

Shadow's Caress, my short story from Nocturne Bites, has a release date now! You can find it online everywhere February 1, 2011! This is the third story set in my Blood Feud world.

I've been trying and trying, BTW, to come up with a name for the series that wasn't the title of the first story that takes place in it, but nothing fits better. I finally decided to surrender and just call it Blood Feud because it fits. One of the main issues in the world is the animosity between vampires and demons and how their respective leaders are trying to bridge that and form an alliance. It's not easy going for them because it is a Hatfield and McCoy situation.

So the vampires and demons realize that humans have become a bigger threat and would be better addressed with a unified front. Humans have vampire hunters and demon slayers out there, although the vast majority of the population is unaware any of this is going on. And the vampires have a small issue--the rogues.

In my world, all vampires are part of a clan through blood exchange. If you're bit by someone who was bit by someone who was bit by clan lord #1, then you're part of his clan. Everyone is affiliated--except during the Demon Wars, one of the clan lords was killed. Most of these vampires joined other clans, but a sizeable number did not. They haven't made an appearance in any stories yet, but they're out there. Waiting.

The thing that's so interesting from a writer's perspective (at least to me) is introducing this all in small chunks because they're short stories. I've never subscribed to the barf out everything about your world up front school of writing. It's hugely boring to read. But I have been able to reveal bigger chunks of say my Light Warriors world than I've been able to do with the Blood Feud stories because of the length. Blood Feud, the first book, introduces the vampire and demon conflict. Demon Kissed brings in the demon slayers, and Shadow's Caress will introduce the vampire hunters.

I do have plans for more stories set in this world. There are two characters (vampires) mentioned in Shadow's Caress that have stories. I just need to finish a few other projects and take time to work things out. Time is always such a problem!