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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Are You Tough Enough?

The video below is the snow I'm having to deal with after more than 17" were dumped on the Twin Cities over the weekend. I know I got more than 17 inches at my house, but this is the number they're going with for official tallies. This makes it the 5th largest snow storm on record, BTW.

At first, I intended to narrate the video as I filmed, but decided all you'd hear is my teeth chattering if I tried to talk while I was outside. This morning, it was -13 degrees here and that's air temperature, not wind chill. The high this afternoon was something like 9 degrees. I'm already tired of being cold and dealing with snow and this stuff will probably be around until the end of March. ::whimper::

Is it any wonder all my computer wallpapers are pictures of tropical islands?

Are you tough enough? Minnesota snow: