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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Back-Up Plan

When it comes to items I love, I have a streak of bad luck. As soon as I think something is the best ever, the manufacturer stops making it. It's happened time after time and it's very frustrating, but I've come up with a plan: Back-Up Items.

Those shoes I totally love? I bought a second pair. I can't even find shoes now that are semi-close to the ones I love.

That coffee mug that's the perfect size and weight? I bought a second one for work. I could actually use a new one since carrying around a mug with Northwest Airlines printed on it probably doesn't show that I've embraced the Delta family. BTW, I did try to buy a Delta mug, but not only was it too small, it didn't have a handle! Someone as clumsy as I am definitely needs a handle. Plus, it's easier to carry into meetings when there's something to hold onto.

When I didn't buy backups? I had the cutest little evening bag ever. I loved the tassel on it, but it never dawned on me to buy another one just like it. After all, I only use the bag for dress-up occasions, which basically means the Rita Awards when I go to RWA National. I hardly need a backup, right?

Wrong. While at RWA National in Atlanta, I think, at some point during the evening, I hooked the purse on something and ripped a huge gash into the fabric. It's beyond being fixed. I paid for not having a second on hand.

Then there are the other two purses I really like. One is huge with all kinds of compartments. Perfect for when I need to have bookmarks and autographed by author stickers and what not with me. I was able to purchase a new one whenever this wore out, so I never worried about having a backup. You can guess what happened, right? I went to replace it and ::gasp:: it's no longer available. ::sobs::

The other is a tiny bag that's almost a wallet on a string. It's a really awesome, versatile every day purse. But I bought it a while ago, long before I started using it. It was only after I started carrying it every day that I realized I better back it up. Too late. Between the time I bought it and the time I realized I loved it, the purse disappeared.

It always pays to have a backup ready to go when the first one wears out, but with a few things I've reached the point where some of the backups are in need of being replaced. That puts me in a now what do I do? position.