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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Head Rush

I had one of my favorite writing things happen last week. As background, every story I write has a theme song (something that started by accident). Sometimes I end up picking some kind of song that kind of works just to have something. I don't enjoy this because there isn't a deep tie for me between the story and the music, but I can only spend so much time on the search.

Better is when I hear a song and go, WHOA! This is it! And I had that happen last week for the story I'd like to work on next. I heard Escape by 30 Seconds to Mars and knew it was the song. It's short, but the vibe the music has is perfect. The words even mostly work.

This alone would be exciting enough for me, but not worthy of a blog post. The cool thing happened later.

Last Friday, as I was listening to the song, I started to get information on the story. Mostly about my heroine. I put the song on replay so it looped over and over and over. And details continued to flow in. Not everything and I still have very little about the hero, not even his name, but the pieces I got about the heroine are pretty darn cool and explain why she does some of the things she does.

This flow of story information always leaves me excited. It's like this total adrenaline rush and I love when it happens. I think this is why I love pre-book so much because it's the only time this occurs. Pre-book is that time when I'm learning about the story and the characters, but I'm not ready to write it yet. Later, while I am writing, the details trickle in a little bit at a time, and while I'll take it anyway it comes, I don't get the same head rush and excitement that I receive when it's flooding in. So Friday was a very awesome day.

Now if the hero would just share a little.